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Waiting for business to come to you?


You post your site on the web, then wait for orders to come in. And wait. And wait.











Even at max SEO, a potential customer must look for you, find you, then respond. And when they see your listing, they'll also see your competitors!

Direct mail is intrusive. It's delivered only to the prospects you choose, demands to be opened, makes an irresistible offer, and closes the sale. It's the time-tested way to prospect for new

customers or increase your
share of current customers.

Direct mail strategists don't wait to be inspired or come up with a clever tag line. (That's for the creative types at ad agencies, where you'll pay dearly for all that clever thinking.)

Instead, we go right to work developing a direct marketing plan that incorporates strategy, a unique offer, a mail format, copy that convinces the reader to act, and time-tested design that guides the prospect to respond. All with measurable results.

What's in it for me? Your prospects and customers don't care at all about your product or your company. They only want to know "what's in it for me?"

Opipari & Company answers that question with direct mail that reaches the right prospect with the right offer at the right time.


• $57 billion. The amount in sales that direct mail was responsible for in 2010, up from $56 billion in 2009.

• $44.9 billion spent on direct mail in 2010, a 2.3% increase over 2009.

• $48 billion. The amount that U.S. businesses spent on direct mail in 2011.

Unlike advertising, direct mail is not a big idea medium.
(The GENIUS is in the details.)

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