writing seminars

writing is a "threshold skill" for hiring and promotion among salaried and professional employees. good writing is a ticket to professional opportunity, while poor writing is a figurative kiss of death. surveys estimate that employers spend billions annually correcting writing deficiencies.

Survey of 120 major American corporations affiliated with Business Roundtable, employing nearly 8,000,000 people.

The cost of Sloppy writing

States spend up to $250 million a year to improve employees’ writing. Poor writing befuddles consumers as they struggle with unclear instructions, directions, and details.

National Commission on Writing

"Writing today is not a frill for the few, but an essential skill for the many. "

The National Commission on Writing in America's Schools and Colleges.

In-house writing seminars

"Create powerful direct mail without an ad agency"

Elements of a successful direct mail package

Critical copy mistakes to avoid

Case studies: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Guidelines for powerful direct mail design

• Eye-flow studies: How readers react to your mail

A 6-hour, hands-on workshop during which participants work in teams to produce direct mail based on concepts learned. It can be customized to a 2-hour presentation including Q/A.

"Write hard-hitting sales letters"

Grammar rules you can break to power your message

Text layout: It's not always about the words

Expressions that weaken your sales message

How your reader's eyes scan your letter

The most important 3 lines in your letter

The closing: follow these rules to make the sale

"Writing with professional clarity"

Get ready to write! Tips to organize your writing

Trendy phrases that label you unprofessional

Tips to make your writing stand out

Common punctuation mistakes to avoid

The art of editing to improve your message

Write hard-hitting sales letters and Writing with professional clarity are two hours each with case studies and ample time for Q/A.

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